Superannuation fund taxation from employer’s perspective

Employee benefit

Before we start with taxation on superannuation fund, let us understand what exactly is a superannuation fund. Makes sense, so what is superannuation fund ? Cambridge dictionary defines “superannuation” as “money that people pay while they are working, so that they will receive payment when they stop working when they are old, or the payment they receive when they stop working” So, in simple words, superannuation funds refer to the […]

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Applicability of actuarial valuation on leave schemes

is actuarial valuation mandatory for leave encashment

Companies often ask us if an actuarial valuation mandatory for leave schemes. It is clear that accounting and audit professionals require some additional guidance on this matter. In this post, we aim at addressing this issue. The short answer is, an actuarial valuation will be applicable if your company offers leave benefits that would require […]

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Applicability of actuarial valuation on gratuity scheme

applicability of actuarial valuation

All kinds of businesses, in whatever form and size, have expressed a desire to understand the regulatory framework under which actuarial valuations are performed. This is especially true for the most common benefit in India – the gratuity scheme. This blog explains the applicability of actuarial valuation of gratuity under different instances. But before diving into the […]

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Gratuity taxation – how it applies to your company

tax on gratuity

Almost all Indian companies (more than 10 employees) pay gratuity to their employees. Since, gratuity payments are an expense to the company, companies can claim tax-deduction on the same. You can read about Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 here.

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Discount rate for actuarial valuation as at 30 Sep 2017

Discount rate for actuarial valuation 30 Sep 2017

For many companies, this is the time to finalise their interim accounts for the second quarter of FY 2017-18. An understanding of the movement in discount rate during this period will help in making an appropriate provision towards employee benefits liabilities. Source of the discount rate for actuarial valuation Companies often have to set the […]

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