In today’s fast changing world, time and knowledge are valuable commodities. It has never been more important for companies that they receive specialised services to a high standard, efficiently for them to keep pace with changes in regulations and business environment.

We recognise this need for high-quality services with an extremely quick turnaround on each project and have a highly experienced team of qualified actuaries and analytics professionals ready to focus on any given project, regardless of its subject or scale.

So what do we do differently:

For all areas of our business, our approach is completely different from the way traditional analytical and actuarial services have been delivered:

High-performance computing allows us to bring down the computing run time from several hours to few minutes. Advanced workflows using the latest cloud-based technologies allows us to act as soon as we receive data from a client. Therefore, we are able to complete actuarial assignments very quickly and efficiently. For employee benefits assignments, this could mean just a few hours!

Gone are the days when actuarial assignments were delivered in a protracted drawn out way where information flowed from actuaries to clients. We believe in the success of our clients. We constantly learn from our clients what they need and customise our approach to suit their needs.

We provide extended support to our clients, beyond the usual office hours. We understand that there are situations where clients need to work on tight deadlines at odd hours. We are there to help you through those tough times.

Protection of our clients’ and our own sensitive information is our top priority and we have put in place IT infrastructure that satisfies, not just the applicable laws around data security, but also consistent with the global best practices.


Our state-of-the-art cloud-based client portal is the backbone of our operations. Each of our clients gets their online account which enables them to directly access their content anywhere and from any device. The content that we deliver through our client portal depends on the type of the assignment. For Employee Benefits clients, this usually means that you would have access to all your past reports, your data submissions, project updates, and forecasting. Access to our client portal is being provided free of cost. Reach out to us to learn more:


Our approach is shaped by our values:

We practice them in all our dealings with clients, regulators, competitors, suppliers and all stakeholders.


Our clients trust us because we are open to them and do not make any false commitments that we cannot meet.


We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We will never go against the law or anything that we believe is not right.


We respect others’ time,  treat everyone with respect and understand our clients’ expectations from us. We expect the same in return.


Quality is paramount for us and sets us apart, even after we have completed a project.