Numerica offers a wide spectrum of services, all involving application of advanced statistical and actuarial concepts and computing applications.

Our services are broadly categorised into analytics and actuarial services.

Actuarial services

Numerica started as an actuarial consulting firm and that remains its core focus to this day.
We offer actuarial services to companies, governments, and other organisations in respect of their employee benefit schemes. We have introduced a range of new actuarial services to our clients, leveraging our learnings in other international markets. More information about these services can be found here.
We also offer actuarial services to life, health and general insurance companies around the world. Our most advanced capabilities are often deployed on insurance consulting assignments such as Solvency II and IFRS 17.
We recently rolled out a new type of service to our insurance clients – actuarial transformation. As part of this service, we help clients in building highly efficient and automated actuarial processes, which are also well documented and significantly reduce operational risk.


Numerica started to offer analytics for insurance companies to supplement our actuarial offerings; e.g. building time series models for asset returns or modelling defaults on corporate bonds.
We also deploy our analytics capabilities to clients in other industries, primarily those into B2C space. We kept pace with the recent advances in Big Data technologies and are able to offer our expertise to a wide range of companies.

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Our approach

We have been consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients, turning them into our promoters. We do so by making use of latest technology, innovative methods and learning from our clients about their needs.

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