What we expect

Exceed expectations, consistently

We expect you to ‘partner’ with our clients in making them successful. This is our most important objective. Over the years, our clients have seen what sets us apart from other providers. Therefore, you must get used to the new ‘normal’ at Numerica. Our clients expect efficiency, responsiveness, technical abilities and for us to be there in times of need. This often requires that we have to go out of our way to help our clients.

Understand our systems and governance framework

Numerica has put in place high end IT infrastructure and automated operational processes that enable us to provide an unmatched client experience. There is also a robust governance framework behind our IT systems that ensure that the IT systems continue to run efficiently in an automated way. It is essential for our employees to understand and operate in a way that does not contradict the governance and IT systems.

Be flexible

We treat the need of our employees for a work-life balance as their right. In return, we also expect our employees to be responsive to the needs of our business and our clients. Often there would be situations where you would need to work away from their usual location, from a client site or from another country.

Learn new skills

We expect that getting exposures to other business areas would largely be driven by your own specific interests. However, often there will be situations where you would be required to work in an area of business, which may not be your core specialisation. We believe that all our service offerings are driven by the same fundamental concepts of actuarial sciences and analytics. Therefore, the skills gained in one service offering area are fully transferable to another. We expect you to make full use of such opportunities to learn new skills.