Insurance consulting

“Make things as simple as possible. But not simpler”

We firmly believe in this quote by Albert Einstein. We recognise that some issues are just too complex by their very nature and over-simplifying them could lead to wrong results and unpleasant outcome for insurance companies. That being said, we do believe in removing complexities and in particular adding efficient communication that aims at explaining the complexity.

Insurance industry today is undergoing a massive shift from traditionally deterministic actuarial valuations towards a more stochastic valuation framework driven by financial economics. There are multiple challenges faced by the industry today:

  • Solvency II
  • IFRS 17
  • Principles-Based Reserving
  • Economic capital

All these challenges and a number of other regulatory regimes worldwide require modelling techniques that are inherently complex. That’s why we develop models that deal with these complexities, don’t just remove them.

We offer world-class, independent actuarial advice to insurance companies on all aspects of life, non-life, and health insurance. Our approach is highly flexible and client-oriented so that we can give as much or as little support as you want. Whatever the size, location or circumstances of your organisation, you would certainly benefit from our subject matter expertise.

Our actuarial services to insurance companies, include the following:

Actuarial transformation

Learn more about how we are helping insurers transform their actuarial processes by clicking here.

Pricing and product development

  • New product model development
  • Stochastic and market-consistent pricing
  • Premium rating and loss ratio analysis for non-life and health products
  • Assistance in regulatory approvals

Planning and strategy

  • Market entry assessment
  • Benchmarking and competitor product analysis
  • Business planning – solvency and embedded value projections

Financial and statutory reporting

  • Reserving and Statutory Valuations
  • Calculation of statutory and realistic reserves
  • Analysis of surplus
  • Stochastic reserve adequacy testing

Statutory roles

  • Appointed Actuary, Chief Actuary, and Peer Reviewer roles

Risk and capital management

  • Reinsurance optimization
  • Asset-liability management
  • Dynamic financial analysis
  • Economic capital modelling
  • Bonus reserve valuations