Data Science & Big Data

Big data technologies are revolutionising the way in business is conducted in many industries. The ability to process large volumes of data has enabled organisations to combine data from a variety of sources leading to new insights about their customers and businesses, and new strategies.

Big data technologies have also renewed the interest in traditional data science which continues to be the core engine through which insights are created from large datasets.

The principles of data science and big data remain largely the same irrespective of the industry to which a data set relates to. Data science used in the right way would bring new insights and open new avenues for growth. A couple of example of how we can help your business leverage data science:

Customer analytics

Risk analytics

No matter at what stage your data journey currently is, Numerica can help your organisation to access opportunities created by data science and big data:

Data strategy

Having a strategy for the use of data and ultimate objectives of that strategy is critical to the success of any data analysis programme. We will work with you to:

  • Understand your business model,
  • Understand your business priorities
  • Study any data that you currently hold and
  • Identify other potential data sources.

After the initial feasibility study. If it becomes clear that the benefits of data analytics programme outweigh the costs, we will help you in drafting a realistic strategy with expected outcomes.

Data engineering

The next stage of your data journey is to convert data sets into databases that can be analysed. This would involve:

  • Analysis of the shape of existing data sets; whether structured or unstructured
  • Suitability of available alternatives; relational databases, NoSQL or Hadoop could all be eligible
  • Assessment of query languages; e.g. Python, Pig, Hive or Spark
  • Connecting the databases to enable analytics to be carried out

Insights generation

The final outcome of a data analytics programme would be to have a steady stream of actionable insights emanating from the data farm. During the initial stages, this would be an iterative process to narrow down on exactly what insights are actionable while other that are useful in other ways.

We will design the codes and algorithms necessary to continually convert data into such insights.

Maintenance and support

After the initial implementation, we can go a step further and take ownership of your entire data analytics programme and present the right insights in bespoke visual dashboards for designed your business, using our proprietary client portal NUMEX. We would also continue to monitor the relevance of your datasets and present new insights.