What we offer

Open work environment

Numerica offers a unique work environment to its employees. We have a culture of openness and transparency throughout the organisation. With a very flat hierarchical structure, no matter at what level you join us, you will always have full access to senior management to discuss any issues whenever you want.

Wide range of opportunities

We believe that the actuarial and analytics skills can be applied very broadly and this is the philosophy behind a large variety of services that we offer. You will be expected to work across other business areas. You can also choose to gain practical skills in other business administration domains, such as marketing, finance and IT.

Our flexible approach on resourcing ensures that consultants are given the opportunity to broaden their experience across the spectrum of business areas.

Work-life balance

The age-old 9 to 5 job is passé. We have highly advanced cloud-based IT infrastructure which means you can work from anywhere! We prefer that our employees spend time with their families rather than commuting. As long as you are exceeding the expectations of the clients and respecting our core values, the amount of time spent in office is immaterial.


Finally, there is a benefits package to match the high expectations that we have for our employees. In terms of fixed pay, we aim to be at the top of the spectrum of the pay scale to attract the best talent. Our variable pay is objective and transparent and large part of that is driven by criteria which are easily measurable. If you exceeded expectations, you will be paid for exceeding expectations, with thanks. No amount of office politics is going to change that!