Organisations of all sizes have been trusting us for their various employee benefits requirements. We are regarded as the trendsetters for quality and efficiency with which we offer our services. A majority of our business growth is attributed to references from our existing clients or their auditors, who have seen the value we bring.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Actuarial services for Defined Benefit schemes such as gratuity, leave, pension among others (read more here)
  • Design and valuation services for Share-Based benefit schemes such Employee Stock Options (ESOP) and Share Appreciation Rights (SAR) (read an example post here)

Leveraging our global experience, we have introduced a range of non-traditional actuarial services. Read more about these services here:

4 actuarial services to power up your finance function


Tailored approach

We customise our offerings to match the materiality of employee benefit schemes for your organisation. No matter the size of your organisation, you can benefit from our practical solutions.

Advanced analytics

For larger, more complex organisations, actuarial valuation reports are accompanied by more detailed analyses to provide insights into your business segments, group companies and expected future benefits costs.

360 degrees view

ALL types of employee benefit schemes can be taken care of, including Exempt Provident Fund. We have invested heavily in developing state-of-the-art actuarial models for types of benefit schemes.



Our online client portal through which we provide a wide range of services, which is being introduced for the first time in India. Our clients benefit from their online accounts which provide them with the most up to date versions of all their past and current reports and advanced analytics capabilities. Get in touch to know more about NUMEX.


Data security, privacy and protection

We treat all data received from clients as sensitive information. We have invested in developing legal and IT processes to protect the data. Clients upload the data via a secure HTTPS link to our servers, where the data is encrypted and confidential fields are masked. The data is then protected by Digital Rights Management.


  • Indian GAAP – Ind AS 19 and AS 15 (for Defined Benefit schemes) and Ind AS 102 (for Share-Based schemes)
  • International accounting standards – US GAAP (ASC 715), IAS 19, FRS 17 (for Defined Benefit Schemes) and IFRS 2 (for Share-Based schemes)
  • Assessment of solvency position of pension schemes and preparing contributions schedule
  • Preparation of run-off plans for closed/discontinued schemes
  • Statutory funding valuations under US and UK legislations
  • Asset Liability Management for estimation of optimal investment strategy
  • Advice on funding and insurance decisions by performing rigorous cost-benefit analysis
  • Employee benefits issues in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Setting up terms for early/late retirement, commutation and other employee options
  • Cost estimation for alternative Defined Benefit designs
  • Setting contribution rates for Defined Contribution schemes
  • Conversion from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution
  • Design of various types of share-based schemes, such as Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) and Share Appreciation Rights (SARs)
  • Valuation and accounting of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Advising governments on financing and cost implications of alternative designs of social security schemes
  • Cash flow projections